The NEEVA Career Progression Path

At NEEVA the objective is to …

grow together, one step at a time

Everybody from kids to grand daddies, are welcome to grow together. But the people who will benefit the most are students or people with maximum of two years of work experience.

Currently we offer a Career Progression Path for students in IT, Computer Science & Electrical Engineering disciplines.

The career progression path that NEEVA offers:

(1) Can be done along with your current studies or job

(Although it leads to full time work, if you are interested)

(2) Can be done from your work/residence online.

(You do not need to travel / commute)

(3) Provides you with the basic infrastructure to achieve your career progression

(Like internet and learning resources.)

(4) Does not cost you any money. There is no fees to join, learn and work for the social good.

(You have a choice to earn money by working.)

(5) Will teach you valuable skills that are useful.

(In your career and to the society.)


The Path is

Learn  >>  Teach  >>   Learn to work  >>  Get paid to work

If you are interested in the NEEVA Path, please fill up the form below and we will get in touch.